Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Move With Me

It is with the moon I dance

In her rays so beautiful and light

Rhythm and motion it becomes a trance

A desire I simply cannot fight

I feel it from deep within

A yearning that mustn’t be denied

Move with Me – the dance must begin

Captivated my body simply replied

Energy surges through my veins

I can sense Her all around me

Tis the Goddess that reigns

Tonight my soul is truly free

Breathless I yearn for more

Enchanting is the night

Move with Me – higher I soar

Passions once hushed now ignite

A fire deep within begins to burn

It is She who has lit the flame

She is the reason why I return

No matter what her name

Slowly the night starts to fade

Giving way once more to the day

Move with Me – never be afraid

Soon I will return not far will I stray


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